Company profile for D-TECHNIK a.s.

D-TECHNIK a.s. is a shareholding company created in 1995 as a private company which bought part of the production capacity from the state company, Zbrojovka Jablůnka. Zbrojovka Jablůnka, during the Cold War era, supplied enormous quantities of various pyrotechnics to the Czechoslovak Army and to the Police. Today, most of the company´s military and police pyrotechnics is sold in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.

In 2005, D-TECHNIK expanded into design and production of small arms and firearms parts. After investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into new machinery, injection molds, fixtures, and other tooling, seven Sa vz. 58 rifles were ready for trial. After exhaustive testing and refinement, serial production of the vz. 58 began in January, 2006.

In October 2006, almost a year after production preparations began for the Sa vz. 61 Pistol, the vz. 61 samples began testing and evaluation. After the vz. 61's completion of extensive testing, full scale production began in April 2007.

A high level of of quality assurance is found in every step of production . This extremely strict system of military acceptance, which had been used in the Czech Republic during the Cold War, is applied to D-TECHNIK manufactured firearms. An example can even be found in the recertification of raw materials. All certified raw materials are tested a second time in an independant metallurgical laboratory before it is accepted into production. From testing of raw material, to CNC machining, to the refinishing of firearms, every step of production exhibits a high level of attention to detail. The objective of D-TECHNIK’s firearms division is to deliver firearms that are of unique design and high quality.

D-TECHNIK a.s. specializes in the following:

  • production of military and police pyrotechnics
  • firearms conversions
  • production of firearms parts
  • assembly of firearms
  • production of rescue devices used in mines and other extreme environments possessing high levels of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide.
  • plastic parts injection

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