3 LUG Silencer Adapter with 1/2x28 muzzle



$49.00 / 1 pc.



This 3 LUG silencer adapter is an outstanding accessory for those wanting to mount a 3 LUG sound suppressor to their 1/2x28 vz. 61 threaded barrel (includes thread protector as shown in photos). 

We've tested the following silencers and the factory folding stock can be folded into place with the 3 LUG silencer attached (3 LUG silencer must be attached first before folding stock can be folded):  Dead Air Silencers Wolf 9SD, AAC Evolution 9, and Bowers VERS 9.    

In addition to the 3 LUG attachment, this adapter is also threaded 1/2x28 at the muzzle end.  Using this adapter with 1/2x28 silencers, all silencers can be mounted in place and the folding stock can be folded into position. 

Precision manufactured from 4140 with Nitride finish.   


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