5 rd double stack magazine - complete (refinished)



$46.50 / 1 pc.



IMPORTANT NOTE:  PLEASE STATE IN THE NOTE SECTION OF YOUR WEBSITE ORDER WHETHER YOU HAVE A CENTURY RIFLE OR A CZECH SMALL ARMS RIFLE.  Reason:  Century rifles can experience bolt catch activation issues.  If we know this magazine will be used with a Century rifle, we will add an extra coil to the magazine spring to try and avoid the bolt catch activation issue with the Century vz2008.

After many requests, CzechPoint is proud to offer the 5 round vz.58 magazine for 7.62 - ideal for use with sighting-in rifles on the bench or possibly as a limited capacity magazine for hunting (ensure local laws are confirmed before hunting with magazine).

This 7.62 five round double stack magazine possesses an aluminum body, US made follower, and US made floor plate. This magazine will function in all double stack magazine vz.58 rifles and vz.58 pistols.

Magazine body has been refinished to a matte black color. 

Important Note: Cannot be used with the vz.58 Sporter and the vz.58 California Sporter SS (both single stack rifles) or 5.56 caliber rifles.



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