Czech military issue winter hat



$19.50 / 1 pc.




Our authenitic Czech Military Issue Winter Hat is in unissued condition.  Hats have flaps on the sides and back so they can be worn down to cover ears and neck in extreme cold temperatures - the synthetic fur is extremely soft!  The inside upper material is quilted to provide additional warmth.  In warmer temperatures, the flaps can be worn up and held in place by a button. 

Kids absolutely love these hats and they make excellent Christmas gifts too!

As shown in the photo, each hat includes the Czech Republic Coat of Arms badge.  Hats were manufactured in the 1990s and have been stored perfectly for all of these years.  In other words, they are in perfect condition and WILL NOT possess the usual odd storage odor that is common with military surplus clothing.  As with Czech military issue firearms, and a variety of military issue gear, these hats have the 'crossed swords' stamped inside the hat.  These winter hats are not only collectible, they are a must-have for effective cold weather clothing.  Whether sitting on the shelf in the 'gun room,' or wearing at the range, these hats are a real conversation piece!

Hats are available in the following sizes: extra small (XS), small (S), and medium (M). Please state your size in the NOTE section of your website order. Unfortunately, Large and Extra Large sizes are unavailable.


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