Czech Military Parka - large size



$76.00 / 1 pc.



This is a current Czech military issue M95 camouflage parka. Includes both jacket and hood fleece liners.

These parkas have been issued and range from very good to excellent condition.

We are shipping the nicest ones first.  The difference between very good condition and excellent condition is due primarily to the fading of the camouflage.

No funky surplus smell with these parkas; they’ve been stored well!

The fleece liners of these parkas are removable making this a good all year round choice. The hood is enclosed in a zipped pouch to the rear of the collar, and there are four button closed pockets to the front with another situated to the right rear side of the jacket as well. The parka has the Czech flag patch to the upper left arm and velcro bases for name tags/insignia. These jackets are zip and button closing.

Size Information

The person wearing the parka in the photos is 6 feet tall and 175 pounds with a 42 inch chest. The parka that is worn in the photos is size Large and fits extremely well on the person. The X-Large size parka, not shown in the photos, is a little large on the person. We feel the Large and X-Large size parkas offered for sale are sized accurately. Of course, if you like to layer clothing under a jacket, then we recommend the X-Large.

Sorry, no other sizes available.


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