02/25/2016 | CzechPoint Rifle Build and Magpul Handguard Announcement

CzechPoint Rifle Builds

All of us at CzechPoint thank each and every person who purchased one of our CzechPoint rifle builds.   We really appreciate it!

We have received a number of emails asking when the next CzechPoint rifles builds will become available.  At this point in time, we are suspending our CzechPoint rifle builds to focus on importation and 922(r) remanufacturing of Czech Small Arms rifles.  Demand continues to grow for CSA rifles and the factory has committed to increased production numbers to help fill the demand in the USA. 

Magpul Lower Handguard

We've received many requests to purchase our modified Magpul handguard separately as a part.  CzechPoint WILL NOT be selling the Magpul handguard as a spare part as it takes an incredible amout of time and expense to custom fit the handguard to the vz. 58 rifle design.  As with the CzechPoint rifle builds, we have suspended the modification of the Magpul handguard to focus on CSA rifle imports.   When will CzechPoint offer rifles with the Magpul handguard?  It's difficult to say, but at this time we do not plan to offer rifles with the Magpul handguard until 2017.



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