01/01/2015 | CzechPoint vz. 58 rifle builds!

Everyone at CzechPoint is extremely excited to announce we are buidling vz. 58 rifles on D-Technik/Czech Small Arms stripped receivers.  Of course, CzechPoint will continue to import vz. 58 rifles from Czech Small Arms.  To confirm, CzechPoint is expecting the next shipment of vz. 58 rifles and vz. 58 pistols from CSA to arrive late in February.   Moving forward, CzechPoint will offer both Czech Small Arms manufactured rifles as well as CzechPoint in-house built rifles.

Reason for CzechPoint rifle builds:  CzechPoint has been receiving numerous requests for vz. 58 rifles possessing original military surplus cold hammer forged chrome lined barrels with bayonet lugs.  In addition, there has been a renewed interest in the original wood impregnated plastic furniture.  For those that are wanting a vz. 58 rifle closer to the original military issue rifle configuration, we are currently offering two models for sale.  Please click on "Sa vz. 58 rifles" in the "Products" section for detailed information and photos on these two new rifle models.  Thank you.


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