Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long after submitting my order will the firearm, parts, and/or accessories ship?


A: At this time all in stock parts/accessories are shipped within 5 business days of order and firearms are shipped within 5 business days of receiving FFL copy.  If there is an exception to this shipping time frame, an update will be placed in the "News" section of the website.

PLEASE NOTE:  If a firearm is ordered and the order is cancelled before the firearm(s) ships a 5% administration fee will be charged.  You will receive a 95% refund.


Q: How much are CzechPoint's shipping fees?


A:  Customer (non FFL holder) shipping fees are $15 for all firearms – vz. 58 Rifles, vz. 58 Pistols, vz. 61 Pistols and revolvers.  If two or more of the same type are purchased you will be charged 1 x $15. 

We do not ship to P.O. Boxes.  Dealer fees charged at the gun shop will be paid by the purchaser. 

Shipping charges for items other than firearms:
Purchase amount up to $100 = $12 shipping
From $100.01 to $200 = $16 shipping
From $200.01 to $300 = $22 shipping
From $300.01 to $500 - $24 shipping
From $500.01 contact us at

* Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, and Puerto Rico may require additional shipping charges on firearms and parts orders.  Please contact us for a shipping quote to these destinations.


Q: Are confirmation e-mails sent?


A:  Yes.  Upon completion of the website order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail detailing the order.   If you do not receive the order confirmation e-mail, please check your Spam folder.   When the order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with tracking number by the end of the following business day.

For shipments possessing rare parts, or a high value, CzechPoint will add delivery confirmation with signature required (at no additional cost to customer).  If the customer has a history of packages stolen at their delivery address, please state in the NOTE section of the order that "delivery confirmation with signature required" is needed.  If a package is confirmed by the shipping company to have been delivered, and that package is not found by the customer, the customer is responsible to place a claim with the shipping company (CzechPoint does not contact the shipping company if a package is missing from an address that has been confirmed as being delivered).


Q: Does CzechPoint ship to Canada or to Europe?


A: No.  We are only an importer - not an exporter.  We do not ship anything outside the United States.  Please do not contact us to export anything.


Q: Does CzechPoint have a store front to conduct on site sales for firearms, parts, or accessories?


A: No. We are unable to process transactions face to face.  We operate online only and are not set up to have walk in customers or visitors.


Q: Can CzechPoint swap permanently attached muzzle attachments on vz.58 rifles.


A:  No.  We do not have the equipment to perform this modification. 


Q: Is the muzzle attachment readily removable on 7.62 x 39mm rifles utilizing original surplus barrels?  How is the muzzle attachment fixed to the barrel?


A: No.  Since the original surplus barrel length is less than 16 inches, a muzzle attachment must be permanently attached to achieve the 16 inch barrel length required by federal law (Title 1 firearms).  All muzzle attachments have had two holes drilled through the threaded area.   The muzzle attachment is screwed onto the barrel (14x1 rh threads) and welded into the threads.  The weld penetrates into the threads of the barrel while filling the holes of the muzzle attachment.  The barrels are then turned on a lathe to remove excess weld.  Result:  the welds are difficult to see when covered by paint.


Q: How can the permanent muzzle attachment be removed from the original surplus barrel on a 7.62 x 39mm rifle?


A: **WARNING:  removing the muzzle attachment results in an overall barrel length less than 16 inches.  Possessing a vz. 58 rifle with an original length surplus barrel, without the factory installed muzzle attachment, results in an illegal short barrel rifle.  This is a felony!  All NFA rules apply. 

After the necessary BATF paperwork has been approved, a person may remove the permanently attached muzzle attachment.  The two hidden welds on the muzzle attachment will become visible when the paint is removed.  The hidden welds on the attachment require grinding down to the barrel threads (careful not to damage the threads on the barrel).  Unscrew the muzzle attachment and then clean the barrel threads.


Q: Is my credit card or debit card charged immediately upon completion of the website order?


A: Yes, the credit card or debit card is charged when the order is submitted.


Q: Are other methods of payment accepted besides credit cards (MC/Visa/Discover) or debit cards?


A: Personal checks and business checks are not accepted. United States Postal Service Money Orders are the only money orders accepted by CzechPoint. All Checks and non USPS money orders will be returned to the buyer.  We do not offer COD.

*Please note:  If we do not receive your US postal money order within 10 calendar days of order placement your order will be cancelled without notice (unless you contact CzechPoint).  You will then be placed on 'prepayment only' status.  Any future orders placed using US postal money order as payment method will be cancelled immediately without notice.


Q: Is it necessary to have the firearm shipped to an FFL (Federal Firearms License)?


A: All vz.58, vz.61, and revolver firearms must be shipped to a Federal Firearms License holder dealer.  The FFL dealer will process a background before transferring the firearm to you. 


Q: What is the return policy on parts, accessories, and magazines?


A: CzechPoint will accept returns on parts, accessories, and magazines within 30 days of date of purchase.  The item must be in the same condition it was in when it left our facility.  A Return Authorization Number (RA#) is required before returning the item to CzechPoint.  For the required RA#, please send e-mail to  A 15% restocking fee will be applied.  Of course, CzechPoint will waive the 15% restocking fee if an incorrect item was shipped.  Customer to pay return shipping unless an incorrect item was shipped.



  Q: Are CzechPoint firearms and high capacity magazines legal in all 50 states?


A: No. Not all states, or counties, or cities, allow possession of our firearms and/or magazines that accept more than 10 cartridges. In most states, the minimum age to purchase a handgun is 21 years of age and the minimum age to purchase a rifle is 18 years of age. If you are unsure of legal status, please consult your local law enforcement to confirm. The buyer is 100% responsible for knowing the legal status of firearms, magazines, parts, and accessories before placing an order with CzechPoint.


Q: Does the purchaser have to pass a background check?


A: Yes. All buyers of our firearms must pass a firearms background check at the FFL dealer. Do not order a firearm from CzechPoint if you are uncertain of passing a background check. If a buyer fails to pass a background check, the buyer will pay a 15 % restocking fee.


Q: What type of warranty is included on the firearms?


A: vz.58 rifles, vz.58 pistols, and vz.61 Pistols include a 5 year warranty regarding function issues from the date of purchase.  All Alfa Proj revolvers include a two year warranty.  This warranty will not cover, and is not limited to, the following: damage to parts caused by negligence, misuse, normal wear, cosmetic issues, improper care, and improper cleaning.


Q: Are the vz.58 and vz.61 firearms 100% newly manufactured?


A: No. Czech Small Arms hand selects original military issue surplus parts to be assembled onto new manufactured receivers and frames. All black polymer is new and the original metal parts are refinished to new condition.


Q: How will my firearm be shipped?


A: vz.58s will be shipped in their own box using UPS Ground and cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes.  vz. 61s and revolver handguns will be shipped using USPS Priority Mail. 


Q: You say that all the military issue parts are 100 % reconditioned, but I can see minor scratch marks on refinished moving parts (e.g. vz. 61 Pistol bolt). How come ?


A: All of our vz.58s and vz. 61s are test fired and zeroed before cleaning and packing at the factory. Therefore, on average, approximately 15 – 25 rds are fired through each firearm.


CONGRATULATIONS!  You have read to the bottom of the FAQ!  By doing so, you have increased your knowledge on our products and services and we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.  By taking the time to read the FAQ, you have helped all of us at CzechPoint work more efficiently.  Instead of CzechPoint responding to countless e-mails answering questions that are answered in the FAQ, all of us can spend more time assembling rifles, pulling parts, packing boxes, and shipping your orders. 

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