03/17/2014 | IWA Show 2014 - Nuremberg, Germany

Czech Small Arms exhibited at the IWA Show for a third consecutive year, in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 7 through March 10.  The slide show photos displayed below were taken at the show.  The IWA Show is Europe's equivelant of the SHOT Show in the United States and is a trade show that always has an outstanding turnout with manufacturers, importers, and dealers alike. 

As can be seen in the home page photos, vz.61s and vz.58 short barreled rifles possess buttstocks.   These firearms are readily sold with buttstocks in many countries, but unfortunately these same firearms cannot be imported into the United States as Title 1 firearms. To confirm, CzechPoint does not sell short barreled vz.58s or vz.61s with buttstocks and these short barreled firearms are sold only as pistols by CzechPoint.

CzechPoint highly recommends the IWA Show.   If you get the chance to go, definitely check it out!


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