01/08/2017 | New Models for 2017

CzechPoint is excited to begin 2017 with new model vz. 58s!  First, we have the "Elite" series of vz. 58 rifles that feature the lightweight skeleton side rail, left-hand side charging handle, and Magpul Zhukov handguard with CTR buttstock.  "Elite" series rifle models will be available in both 5.56x45 and 7.62x39.   "Liberty Elite" models will also be made available for sale to California, New York, and Connecticut.   Next we have the vz. 58 Compact pistols available with the Shockwave "Blade" arm brace.   The "Blade" arm brace is outstanding for its rigidity while weighing only 5 ounces!  12 inch barrel vz. 58 pistols with the arm brace will be available in February.

We have been receiving many requests to purchase the Magpul Zhukov lower handguard separately as a part.   To confirm, there is extensive modification to the Zhukov handguard to fit the vz. 58 rifle (involves milling, drilling, and adding additional parts manufactured at Czech Small Arms), but there is NO MODIFICATION WHATSOEVER TO THE VZ. 58 RIFLE TO FIT THE ZHUKOV HANDGUARD!  In other words, no need to cut off your sling swivel loop on gas adapter/block or cut off the lower handguard hoop retainer that holds regular vz. 58 handguards in place.   Difficult to say when we'll make these Zhukov handguards available to sell separately as we are putting all effort into providing them with "Elite" series rifles, but we hope to sell the handguard as a part in late spring.  Left-side charging handles should be made available approximately at the same time as the Zhukov handguard while the lightweight skeleton side rail should be available much sooner.

All of us look forward to our ninth year of business and providing these new models for 2017.  As always, we appreciate your business and support!


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