05/29/2014 | Sa vz. 58 Liberty Rifles

CzechPoint is excited to offer the new line of Sa vz. 58 Liberty rifles!  The Liberty rifles are manufactured specifically for states that restrict semi automatic rifles possessing readily detachable magazines.  The magazine can only be removed with disassembly of the firearm action. 

The magazine is attached to the rifle with the magazine block.  In the event the rifle owner relocates to a state without magazine restrictions, the magazine block can be swapped out for the standard magazine catch/release

For further information and photos, please visit the "Sa vz. 58 Rifles" section under the "Products" heading.  In addition to the product section, please click on the video below or visit the "Video" section to see the Sa vz. 58 Liberty Rifle video demonstrating the magazine block apparatus and method used on these rifles.


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