sight rail adapter for AR15 BUIS - INSTALLED



$48.00 / 1 pc.



This assembly can only be purchased with a vz. 58 model that possesses an M4 stock or Shockwave Arm Brace.   

The M4 stock adapter will be replaced with the Sight Rail Adapter.  In addition, the Rear Sight Base Cover will also be installed on the vz. 58 when this assembly is purchased.  The original vz. 58 rear sight assembly WILL be included with the rifle as a spare part.  The M4 stock adapter will NOT be included as a spare part.  

This assembly allows you to use any AR15 BUIS (Back Up Iron Sight).  


Important Note: Century vz2008 rifles may or may not have fiiting issues with this adapter.   Please be prepared to modify the adapter to fit the vz2008.




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