Strike Back DVD - Season Three



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Three disc DVD set includes all 10 episodes from Season Three - sealed in factory original wrap.

Season Three ramps up quickly with the first episode and does not let up for the entire season.  Not only are vz.58 Compacts, Carbines, and Rifles shown throughout this season, but the action is taken to a new level - filled with unanticipated twists and turns.   It will keep you guessing and provide surprises to the very end.   Everyone at CzechPoint is in full agreement with the critcs:  'there is no other show like it on televison.' 

If you own a vz.58 rifle or pistol, you must have this DVD set!  Click on the thumbnail photos to the left for 24 screenshots from this season.  There are even a few vz.61 screenshots too.

DVD set includes 10 episodes on 3 DVD discs.  Bonus features include audio commentary with cast and crew along with 9 'How to Strike Back' featurettes. 

Show Storyline:

Stonebridge, Scott, and the other members of Section 20 operate in different countries - including Colombia, Beirut, Budapest, Russia, and Germany.  Section 20 follows a trail of drug money that is funding an international terrorist intent on massive destruction.  Although, before they can reach this terrorist, they must first survive high intensity conflicts with a variety of criminals along the way.

Rating:  TV-MA (Mature Audience Only)



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