Strike Back DVD - Season Two



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Four disc DVD set includes all 10 episodes from Season Two - sealed in factory original wrap.

Season Two maintains the high production values as found in Season One. Even though vz.58 rifles are not found in this season, there are plenty of firearms not typically seen in other shows or movies.  

Click on the 13 thumbnail photos to the left to see some of these unusual firearms - courtesy of  If you haven't visited IMFDB, take a few minutes to check out their website.  It is an amazing resource for firearms used in film and television.

Show Storyline:

Strike Back's Season Two follows Stonebridge and Scott as they scour Africa in pursuit of criminals trying to gain possession of a box of nuclear triggers.  While trying to stop a nuclear Armageddon, Stonebridge deals with personal loss and revenge while Scott contends with a past acquaintance.

Rating:  TV-MA (Mature Audience Only)



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