UK vz. 59 Videos

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Zbrojovka Vsetin
Caliber 7.62 x 54R mm
Operation gas, full automatic only
Locking tilting lock piece
Weight (empty with bipod) light barrel: 19.10 lbs
Weight (empty with tripod) heavy barrel: 42.40 lbs
Overall length heavy barrel: 47.3 in
light barrel: 43.93 in
Barrel length heavy: 27.28 in
light: 23.34 in
Rifling 4 grooves, rh, 1 turn in 9.45 in
Sights rear slot, adjustable 100 m to 2000 m
Muzzle velocity

heavy barrel: 2657 fps to 2723 fps
light barrel: 2493 fps to 2591 fps

Rate of fire cyclic, 700 to 800 rnds/min.
Max Range 4800 m
Max effective range

bipod: 1000 m
tripod: 1500 m



UK vz.59 machine gun



$3,950.00 / 1 package




*** For sale to FFL Dealers with S.O.T. only ***

** Demo Letter Required **

*** Not for sale to individuals ***

*** Spare barrel included ONLY with PURCHASE ORDER from government agency ***

UK vz. 59 Post Sample 7.62x54R Machine Guns!

Imported from the Czech Republic!

New in the Crate!

These are original Zbrojovka Vsetin factory UK vz. 59 machine guns imported from the Czech Republic. These machine guns are not built from parts kits.  They are numbers-matching original factory machine guns!  These guns are NEW IN THE CRATE!  These machine guns were purchased directly from the factory.  
For those wanting a high quality semi automatic UK vz. 59, please contact Marcolmar Firearms.  Marcolmar semi auto UK vz. 59s are virtually indistinguable from the original full auto!  Fit and finish on their semi auto guns is outstanding!  
CzechPoint was very fortunate to purchase the last remaining new in the crate UK vz. 59 machine guns in the Czech Republic.  Supplies are extremely limited. 
UK vz. 59 machine gun overview

The UK vz. 59 is an abbreviation for Univerzální kulomet vzor 59 and this translates to Universal Machine Gun model 1959.   In addition, the name of this machine gun is routinely shortened to UK-59.  It is a right hand belt fed machine gun utilizing non-disintegrating metallic 50 round link belts.  50 round belts can be connected to make for any length belt.  For cyclic rate, weight, velocity and more, please scroll down the page for Technical Specifications. 

Be sure to check out our videos to the left for detailed information on the UK vz. 59 and UK vz. 59L machine gun.  Dan Brown visited the Czech Republic to inspect the machine guns and shot video to provide information on these unique guns.   The UK-59 is still in service today with the armed forces of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic - a real testament to the UK-59 design and reliability!
Contents included:

- one UK-59 machine gun possessing heavy barrel
- one spare light barrel (must have PURCHASE ORDER from government agency to receive spare barrel - PER BATFE)
- original factory pamphlet
- one bipod
- one sling
- one 50 round belt and one 50 round capacity can
Details regarding purchase of the UK-59 machine gun and accessories/parts
- You must be an FFL with SOT to purchase this POST SAMPLE machine gun.
- A Demo Letter for the UK-59 must be provided to CzechPoint to enable transfer.
- Click on the 'BUY' button to complete purchase.
- After purchase, send email copy of FFL and SOT to or send fax copies to 865-973-9223
- The UK-59 is currently in the United States in a bonded warehouse and requires the completion and approval of a Form 6 and Form 3 to enable transfer to the FFL SOT.

Initial payment

- Credit Card payment requires payment to be made in FULL (does not include actual shipping charge)
- If paying by business check, select 'US Postal Money Order' for payment and mail business check in the amount of $1975.00 (50% deposit) with a copy of your email confirmation of purchase.  Please mail business check and email confirmation copy with check to the PO Box address on the Contact page. 
- Initial 50% deposit does not require money order payment. A business check is acceptable for 50% deposit to begin transfer paperwork.
Final payment information

- It is recommended that final payment be made by US Postal money orders (or cashier's check) for immediate shipment of machine gun upon Form 3 approval. Final payment made by business check will delay shipment of machine gun and parts/accessories by two weeks (two week wait time is to ensure check clears bank). 
- When contact is made for final payment, CzechPoint will confirm shipping charge (shipping charge will be actual cost)

Tripods and optics availability

CzechPoint does not have UK-59 tripods or optics to sell.  For those wanting these accessories, please contact Recon Ordnance as they currently have them in stock and ready to ship.  

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