vz. 58 diagram shirt - medium size



$19.00 / 1 pc.




We are very excited to offer a high quality t-shirt displaying a vz.58 rifle and the CzechPoint logo. CzechPoint worked extensively with a graphic artist to create a shirt that a proud vz.58 rifle owner could really show off. As shown in the photo, the shirt color is black with bold five color artwork. CzechPoint spared no expense ensuring accuracy and keeping the artwork as close to the original Czech armorer's poster as possible which is the reason for the increased cost of the shirt.

Details of the shirt

All shirts are manufactured by Gildan and made of 100% combed cotton providing extreme comfort. The front of the shirt displays the CzechPoint logo with the words 'Proudly Manufactured in the Czech Republic.' The back of the shirt displays a cutaway drawing of a vz.58 rifle taken from an original Czech armorer's poster. Going down the right side of the shirt is the key to the diagram.  CzechPoint chose to leave the names in Czech to keep the shirt as authentic as possible. Going up the left side is the CzechPoint logo in a muted gray color. Written across the shoulders is 7,62 SAMOPAL vz.58, in orange and white.


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