09/25/2017 | vz. 58 shipping delay and price increase

Shipping Update

vz. 58 rifles and pistols ordered between September 25 and October 6 will ship the week of October 9th.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Normal shipping times for vz. 58s will resume October 9.  vz. 61 pistols, parts, and accessories will ship without delay.  For CzechPoint shipping turnaround, please visit the FAQ section for details.

Price Increase

Due to significant appreciation of the Czech Crown currency over the past 6 months, our supplier Czech Small Arms, has been forced to increase the prices of vz. 58 and vz. 61 firearms approximately 4%. The good news is that not all CzechPoint pricing will be increased. Where possible, CzechPoint has absorbed additional cost to minimize the price increase to you. This new pricing will be updated on the CzechPoint website on Friday, October 13. As always, all of us at CzechPoint appreciate your business and support.


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