vz. 58 Skeleton side rail - INSTALLED



$98.00 / 1 pc.



You are purchasing the light weight skeleton side rail and installation of the side rail on your vz.58 rifle (does not include return shipping). The side rail is manufactured in the Czech Republic and is attached to the receiver by two screws utilizing high strength loctite.

*** Light weight skeleton side rail weighs 2.6 ounces ***

*** side rail finish is nitride ***

vz.58 pistols and vz.58 rifles currently selling on the CzechPoint website possess drilled and tapped side rail holes.  If you are purchasing a vz.58 today, and want a side rail, just purchase the side rail as a part for 'do-it-yourself' installation. 


AK type mounts will fit the side rail, but the vast majority of AK mounts will not allow proper ejection of shell casings.

Instructions to ship rifle to CzechPoint for side rail installation:

After ordering 'RECEIVER SIDE RAIL - INSTALLED,' send an e-mail to dan.brown@czechpoint-usa.com which includes the following:

1) state that the 'RECEIVER SIDE RAIL - INSTALLED' was ordered.
2) provide your Order Number
3) provide the serial number of the rifle

After receiving the order number and serial number, Dan Brown will reply with a return authorization number. Ensure the entire e-mail between you and Dan Brown is printed and placed in the box with the rifle.  DO NOT SHIP YOUR VZ.58 TO CZECHPOINT WITHOUT A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER. 

The rifle will be shipped to:

CzechPoint, Inc.
5005 Chapman Hwy, Suite B
Knoxville, TN 37920

865-247-0184 office phone

Return shipping will sustain actual shipping charges and does not follow the shipping rate for parts and accessories.  When the rifle is ready to be returned, the credit card will be charged for the remainder of the actual shipping charges (UPS Ground is used for return of vz.58).


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