Caliber 5.56 x 45 mm (.223 Rem)
Muzzle velocity 2,591 - 2,723 feet per sec.
Number of grooves in barrel 4
Twist of rifling 1 in 7 inches
Overall length of pistol (not including sling swivel) 20.75 in
Barrel length (measured from muzzle to bolt face) 11.90 in
Length of sight line 10.43 in
Rear sight gradient
100m to 800m
Width of pistol 2.32 in
Height of pistol with magazine 9.45 in
Practical rate of fire 40 shots/min
Maximum range of fire 1,800 m
Lethal range of projectile 1,400 m
Weight of pistol without magazine 5.73 lbs
Weight of pistol with loaded magazine 6.87 lbs
Weight of empty magazine 0.33 lbs
Weight of full magazine 1.12 lbs
Trigger pull 5.51lbs to 5.95lbs (24.5-26.5N)

Click on the photo for Sa vz. 58 development history: 

vz.58 Pistol 556 - BLEM



$1,040.00 / 1 pc.



Blem Sale! Save $100.00!
Extremely limited quantities!

The vz. 58 offer for sale may have one or all of the following: scratches/scrapes from handling, tool marks, machine marks, and/or paint issues. These are perfectly functioning firearms, but the cosmetic attention to detail is not as high as are usual vz. 58s offered for sale.

The Sa vz.58 pistol in 5.56x45 is manufactured by Czech Small Arms  in Jablunka, Czech Republic and includes the following: 

- high quality barrel manufactured by Lothar Walther in Germany
- chrome lined barrel bore
- patented push-down plate on bolt carrier to prevent misfire issues (Czech Small Arms vz. 58 firearms are the only vz. 58s manufactured with this vital part to ensure reliability)
- drilled and tapped side rail holes in receiver for do-it-yourself side rail installation for optic mounts (side rail and optic mount not included with pistol)
- semi gloss/matte black finish cured at 300 °F over phosphate.
- two 30 round waffle-type pattern magazines (AR15 magwell adapter sold separately)
- owner's manual
- cleaning kit
- sling
- 5 year warranty


Steel Trigger

Pistol includes the glass-filled nylon US made trigger.   If the Czech steel trigger is preferred, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to purchase the steel trigger installed and it will be installed before your pistol ships.  To confirm, US made 922(r) parts are not applicable to pistols.  922(r) is only applicable to rifles. 

Left-side Charging Handle Bolt Carrier

As shown in the photos, the bolt carrier that is standard for this vz. 58 model is the right-side charging handle bolt carrier. If the left-side charging handle bolt carrier is preferred, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to purchase this part 'INSTALLED' and your vz. 58 will ship with the left-side charging handle bolt carrier.

Additional Notes: The bayonet lug is not attached to the front sight.  Reason:  it is not possible to fix a bayonet to the vz.58 pistol as the proximity of the bayonet lug to the gas adapter/block does not permit attachment.  All parts used used on the pistol, except the US made glass-filled nylon trigger are Czech made.   In addition, CzechPoint is unable to fill requests for the type of front sling swivel, front sight base, and/or trigger guard (rear sling swivel is the same for all vz.58 pistols - as shown in the photo).

Pistol includes the glass-filled nylon US made trigger. If the Czech steel trigger is preferred, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to purchase the steel trigger and it will be installed before your pistol ships.  Section 922(r) is not applicable to the vz. 58 pistol model as it is a pistol and not a rifle.  The color of the finish is a matte black coating (cured at 300°F).   The new production pistol barrel is made from a high alloy Chrome Molybdenum steel (4340) and IS chrome-lined.   The muzzle nut is removeable and the thread pattern is 14x1 right hand (standard vz.58 thread pattern). 

For those that receive an approved BATFE Form 1 SBR (short barreled rifle) for their vz.58, the sling swivel screw can be removed (receiver sling plate is held to the receiver by sling swivel screw).  Once the sling swivel screw and receiver sling plate is removed, any vz.58 stock can be readily attached to the vz.58 receiver.  This is a great 'do-it-yourself' Form 1 SBR.   SBR Warning: a stock can only be legally attached to this pistol after a Form 1 has been approved by BATFE.   Attaching a stock to the vz.58 pistol, without an approved Form 1, is a federal felony and conviction could result in 10 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.

Drilled and tapped holes for the receiver side rail ARE included in the purchase price of the pistol. In other words, you can easily install our optional side rail by removing the two screws in the receiver and screw on the side rail with a hex/Allen wrench. GUNSMITHING IS NOT REQUIRED TO ATTACH THE SIDE RAIL TO OUR VZ.58 PISTOL. Do not forget to use high strength thread-locker on the screws while attaching the side rail. To purchase the side rail, please see the vz.58 spare parts section (part no: VZ58-59R) or type VZ58-59R into the 'search' window and click on 'receiver side rail.'

The magwell adapter, to use USGI M16/AR-15 magazines, is sold separately as an accessory and is not included with the purchase price of the pistol.  For information and purchase of the magwell adapter, please visit the vz.58 spare parts section (part number VZ58-6G) or type VZ58-6G  in the 'search' window. 


Download Manual

Sa vz. 58 Pistol Instruction ManualSa vz. 58 Pistol Instruction Manual

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