CzechPoint, Inc. Warranty Policy

CzechPoint, Inc. is the only manufacturer approved warranty provider and warranty station for all Sa vz. 58 and Sa vz. 61 firearms manufactured by Czech Small Arms.  CzechPoint provides a 5 year warranty on all factory assembled firearms possessing the manufacturer’s name Czech Small Arms engraved on the receiver or frame. Furthermore, the warranty will not extend to vz. 58 and vz. 61 firearms that had been assembled using stripped Czech Small Arms receivers or frames unless assembled by CzechPoint.  Alfa Proj revolvers include a two year warranty.  vz.52 pistols include a 30 day inspection period.

Issues/problems created by owners and/or gunsmiths will not be covered under warranty by CzechPoint. In other words, CzechPoint is not going to incur repair costs due to the negligent actions of someone else.  For instance, a botched vz.58 muzzle brake installation will void the warranty on parts that are affected by negligent work. Example: a poorly performed muzzle brake installation can void the warranty on the following parts if they become damaged during negligent gunsmithing:  damaged bore, damaged front sight base, damaged muzzle threads, and etc.  Likewise, damage to a part or assembly of a vz.58 rifle does not void the 5 year warranty on other parts that are not affected by the damage. Example: a botched muzzle brake installation does not void the warranty on a broken firing pin.  When working on your own firearm know your limitations. When hiring a gunsmith, be absolutely sure of the experience and competence level of the gunsmith. CzechPoint has seen a handful of serious problems arise when owners and gunsmiths have performed modifications to firearms and their actions have resulted in damage to that firearm.

The 5 year warranty applies to all Czech Small Arms manufactured firearms regardless of the distributor or dealer who sold the firearm(s). In addition, the 5 year warranty is fully transferrable to new owners of the firearm. Even if you were not the original purchaser of a new firearm from a firearms dealer, the warranty remains in effect for the current owner (5 years from the date of the first/originating sale). To expedite warranty repair, CzechPoint will ask for a copy of the original receipt. If the receipt cannot be found, CzechPoint will research records to confirm the original date of sale.

The following steps are required to place a warranty claim on vz. 58, vz. 61, vz.52, or Alfa Proj revolvers:

  1. Please provide a written statement detailing the issue(s) to (e-mail is preferred).  You must include with your statement the following:  Full name, shipping address, day time phone number, and serial number of firearm.   CzechPoint will determine whether your repair would qualify as a warranty or paid repair. If further details are required, we will call you for additional information.
  2. Before shipping a firearm to CzechPoint, you must receive a Return Authorization Number (RA#). If your repair qualifies as a warranty repair, the firearm will be repaired at no additional cost.  Failure to receive a Return Authorization Number prior to shipping will cause you to pay for all shipping costs. If it is a paid repair, shipping costs will be the responsibility of the owner.
  3. Ensure the firearm is unloaded prior to packaging.
  4. Pack the firearm carefully to prevent damage during shipping. If possible, use the original box that accompanied the firearm.  If you do not have the original box, use any other packaging material that will ensure the firearm is not damaged during transit.
  5. Always enclose with the firearm your complete return address, phone number, and a copy of the printed e-mail you will receive from Dan Brown.  This e-mail will possess your Return Authorization Number and shipping instructions and MUST be packed inside the box with the firearm.    

If the firearm does not meet the requirement of a warranty repair, CzechPoint will supply a repair estimate before proceeding with the work. Repairs will be made upon receipt of payment with credit card/debit card or United States Postal money order (checks are not accepted). If repairs are not possible, the firearm will be returned to the owner.

Written inquiries for all warranty repairs and paid repairs must be sent to one of the following (e-mail is preferred):

By e-mail to:
By fax to:    865-973-9223
By mail to:    CzechPoint, Inc.
   PO Box 9207
   Knoxville, TN 37940

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